The Clay Top

Need some peace and quiet?

Bring your friends and the kids to our ceramic painting studio at the Crafty Clown Shoppe, for hours of fun!

We can accommodate :

  • parties 
  • groups 
  • stork parties
  • kitchen teas 
  • old friends needing the time to be together. 

Suitable for All Ages although younger children would need adult supervision.

Ceramic paint party

  • R70 per child for a 2 hour party. 
  • Includes: 
  • Mug or plate, 
  • Glazes and firing of your articles.

The following can be ordered:

  • Cupcakes, 
  • sweet platters 
  • table décor available in your theme.

Please book in advance!

Adult Workshops

    • R80 per person for a 3 hour session.
    • Includes: Glazes & firing of your item (max 2 items, depending on size, for Kiln) excluding bisque ware.

Walk in - or book! 

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