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The South Campus of the University of the Free State (UFS) overlooks the city of Bloemfontein. Facilities can accommodate up to 4 000 students and include lecture rooms, an auditorium, a library and administration building.

Established In the 1980s as a satellite campus for Vista University, it became part of UFS in 2004. UFS South Campus was expected to play an important role in the economy of the region and positively impact on its people and become a centre with distance learning programmes.

Lower Level students, who previously could not access higher education, now have an opportunity to do so through courses offered by the South Campus.

One of the main goals of the institution is to enable Lower Level students to do so by allowing students to complete preparation courses. Completion of these courses enables students to gain access to Further Education and Training (FET) and Higher Education (HE) levels and in turn enter the mainstream curriculum and ultimately achieve their full potential and realise their dreams

Presently approximately 3 800 students study on campus and the South Campus also offers courses to more than 6 000 long-distance learners. 

The many applications of long-distance learners, to the South Campus makes this the fastest growing of the UFS campuses.

Highly intensive small-group instruction is offered on campus and has proven to be an extremely successful form of tuition. Distance learning is offered through the use of online and broadcasting medium. 


In 2007 the South Campus was proud to see the completion of a new four year B SC programme attained bya number of students for the first time at the Campus. This involved the incorporation of a foundation year that was added to the usual 3 year B SC course.


  • Advanced Certificate of National Professional diploma in Education
  • Agriculture & Science
  • BSC Extended Degree
  • Extended Degree
  • Family Mathematics & Science
  • LL.B ( Bachelor of Law)
  • University Preparation 
  • Young Adult Learning


South Campus was formerly a satellite campus of Vista University and was founded in 1980.


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