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In 1990 the University of Fort Hare (UFH) built a second campus, situated in Bhisho and called it the Bhisho Campus. This campus is situated halfway between the East London Campus and the main Alice Campus.

Bhisho is a contemporary campus concentrating mainly on part time and distance courses and is involved with the ground breaking public service development, as well as public administration and finance and the Fort Hare Institute of Government (FHIG). 


Management and Commerce

Fort Hare Solutions (Pty) Ltd 

This company is owned by the University of Fort Hare and was established in 2006 operating at Bhisho campus.

It provides much needed education for the emerging business market and make use of internationally approved and proven methods. 

Company Vision 

A world-class provider of innovative solutions

Company Mission

Fort Hare Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a provider of cutting-edge solutions through innovative research, knowledge-based consulting and professional development, by assisting people and organisations to achieve their purpose.


Transversal Courses

  • Short Courses

Information Communication & Technology Courses 

  • ICDL Modules

Public Financial Management Courses

  • Short Courses
  • Certificate in Public Financial Management 

Suppy Chain Management Courses

  • Short Courses
  • Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Municipal Financial Managment Courses

  • Local Government Short Courses
  • Certificate in Municipal Financial Management


Two of the foremost projects of Fort Hare can be found at this campus:

  • The Public Financial Services Agency (PFSA) that involves R 100 million over 5 years for a training programme in financial management and administration. 
  • The Transversal Training Programme that involves R 60 million over 5 years for training programmes in public administration and management.

These two projects are aimed at the provincial government staff and are linked to the public administration and finance courses that are currently offered at the campus. 

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