Concentration Camp Memorial Cemetery

The construction of the Gariep Dam necessitated the relocation of the Bethulie Concentration Camp's cemetery as it was calculated that when the dam was at its highest, the cemetery would be under water.

The mortal remains of 1 717 women and children who died in this concentration camp during the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) were exhumed and re-buried in a mass grave after each ones remains had been separately stored in uniform white caskets.

The mother and child statues, together with the plaques from the obelisk, were also relocated to this site.

The headstones off the children's graves were placed on a "Wall of Remembrance", which is surrounded by a trellis to prevent vandalism.

The cemetery, which was designed by J. du Toit, was inaugurated by the Hon C. J. Swart on 10 October 1966.

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