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Brickfield Campus is situated 2.9 km from the main DUT Campus, Steve Biko. This campus is mainly dedicated to the faculty of Arts and Design. 

The Fashion and Textile Department is accommodated at this campus which takes the form of a single building.

Mission statement

Too provide an educational ethos which emphasises a distinctive relationship between practice and research in a cultural context, in the belief that this combination provides the creative tensions necessary for students to achieve their full potential.

Fashion and Textiles

National Diploma

  • Business Studies 
  • Fabric Awareness, 
  • Marketing & Communication 
  • Modules of Computer Skills
  • Practical Design & Manufacturing Processes
  • Textile Design 
  • Textile Printing

Contextual Studies 

  • Consumer Psychology
  • Contemporary Culture
  • Fashion Forecasting 
  • Style & Image

Career Opportunities

  • Buyer for Fashion & Textile Industry
  • Designer of Fashion & Textile 
  • Merchandiser for a Textile Company
  • Costume Design for Film & Television Companies.
  • Self-employed Designer & Manufacturer
  • Employment with Clothing Manufacturers 


Alpine Road is situated at Overport approximately 8 km from the main campus and within walking distance of Brickfield Road Campus. It has a total capacity of 231 students both male and female in single sleepers.

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