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In this cemetery, together with many others fallen during the Anglo-Boer war, especially during the actions along the Thukela, Lord Roberts’s son, Freddy Hugh Sherston Roberts, VC, lies buried.

08 January 1872 – 17 December 1899

Freddy Roberts and two other officers, Walter Norris Congreve and Harry Norton Schofield with Corporal Gerge Edward Nurse, helped to hook a team into a limber and then to limber up a gun. While doing so, he was badly wounded in three places and two days later died of his wounds at Chieveley.

The action was observed by the Commander-in-Chief, Redvers Buller who recommended Roberts for the VC in a despatch written on 16 December, before Roberts had died from his wounds.

Roberts was one of only three father-son pairs to win the VC, his father having won it in 1858 for an action at Khudagani during the Indan rebellion.

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