Earthdance Cape Town

21st Anniversary!!

Theme 2017: Re-Evolution

Last year’s Earthdance shaped up to be an out-of-this-world experience and they're planning a bigger party than ever, yay for Earthdance 2017! 3000 people are expected to attend Earthdance Cape Town, an event benefiting The Earth child Project.

Earthdance has been in worldwide collaboration since 1997 and is the largest synchronised music and dance festival for peace on the planet. Earthdance is one of many peace groups and projects that align with the International Peace Day – 23 September and combines music, community, social consciousness and the support of charities to show the world that peace is as much about living to the fullest as it is about protesting war.

Earthdance Cape Town is an epic global, trance outdoor party and is part of the worldwide festival that is held annually in over 500 locations in 80 countries where each event joins their participants together at the same time to say a universal Prayer for Peace. Their synchronized peace meditation takes place along with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. This year’s global meditation date is 23 September 2017.

The twenty first anniversary theme is “Re-evolution” which signifies the beginning of a new era of deep peace-making and true environmental stewardship.

This legendary music festival takes place an hour outside of Cape Town and just 4 km from Worcester. Participants will be treated to two Psytrance dance floors where international and local DJ’s drop trance, techno and chill out tunes for an awesome three day / two night party weekend.

Pack up your tent, sleeping bag and silly clothes or book you tented accommodation and shuttle service at for the music, magic and peace party of the year!

Activities & Facilities

  • Outside Psytrance Dance Floor
  • Tented Techno & PsyTrance Dance Floor
  • Art Gallery
  • The Peace Tent
  • Workshops, Talks & Gatherings
  • Camping
  • Live Band
  • Universal Prayer for Peace
  • Dress-Up
  • Swimming
  • Food Stalls
  • Craft & Clothing Stalls

Performances By

  • Phixius
  • Kai Mathesdorf
  • Off Limits
  • Space Cat
  • Dave Mac Vs Josh Mac
  • DJ Bruce (Nexus Media)
  • Dynamic Range
  • Broken Toy
  • Rubix Qube
  • The Commercial Hippies

And many more……


Dates : Saturday, 23 September to Sunday, 24 September 2017

Times : Starting at 08h30 each day

Venue : Nekkies Resort, Worcester

Tickets : can be purchased online 

Prices  : Full Weekend Ticket R420 per person. Sunday Only R300 per person.

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