SwellenMark Shopping Centre

A Place Where People Meet

Swellen Mark Shopping Centre lies in the heart of the Swellendam business area at the far end of the town. It is a small, but modern open-air shopping mall with a wide variety of stores for all your shopping needs.

The Swellen Mark Shopping Centre has been a very useful and welcome addition to the town, easily accessible and with enough parking facilities off the main road. There is a good cross-section of retail outlets, including its anchor store a Checkers Supermarket, shoe and clothing shops, haircare, cellular, ATM’s and a wonderful Coffee Shop, excellent for both food and value.

The shopping centre offers a 7 800 square metre shopping and lifestyle quarter with wide open picturesque walkways, rustic furrows while the covered areas offer a masure of protection from winter rain.

Swellen Mark is centrally located and within walking distance from most areas and diagonally across the popular tourist attraction, the “Moederkerk”, Mother or Old Church. It is the first regional centre of its kind in the area.

Things to do and see

  • Brand Stores
  • Clothing Department Stores
  • Sportswear & Equipment
  • Cellular, Electronic & Computer Stores
  • Jewellery & Accessory Stores
  • Checkers
  • Eyewear & Optometry
  • Haircare, Health & Beauty
  • Charlies Coffee Shop
  • Wimpy
  • KFC
  • 24hr Security
  • Wheelchair Friendly


There is no admission fee

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