Meiringspoort Pass

A Scenic Gorge through the Swartberg Range

Meiringspoort is simply magnificent as it carves its way through the seemingly impenetrable mighty Swartberg mountains. The natural geology of the poort is not only amongst the finest in the world, but the road itself is a masterpiece of modern engineering and to cap it all, the maintenance of the roads and facilities is amongst the best (if not the very best) that you will find in South Africa.  

Distance 20km
Gradient average 1:76
Gradient maximum 1:15
Summit 650m
Surface Tar

In Meiringspoort one feels insignificant against the overwhelming grandeur of this dramatic gorge. Within the first kilometre the first bridge is crossed whereafter they follow in rapid succession, winding across the Groot River 25 times. Each bridge has its own unique name.  The plant lover will be fascinated by the richness of the vegetation along the river and the birdwatcher will be bowled over by the amazing bird life. 


  • The Meiringspoort Waterfall with its bottomless pool - where the “fabled” mermaid lives.
  • Herrie’s Stone - Langenhoven’s graffiti that has been proclaimed a National Monument. 
  • Interpretive Centre - Meiringspoort has an exceptionally interesting history and was originally opened to traffic on 03 March 1858.

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