Ontdek Suid-Afrika
lug jou kop uit die sand

The monument, designed by Gerard Moerdyk and built by Lupini Brothers was unveiled on 16 December 1939 by W A L Landman.

It honours Karel Landman who farmed in this area until 1837 when he became a leader in the Great Trek. He led a party of 180 Trekkers and their servants on a trek of 885 kilometres into Natal where he was prominent in several battles with the Zulus and he was second in command of the Boer forces at the pivotal battle of Blood River

The commemoration of Karel Landman and his trek, in this 3m globe with an ox wagon traversing it, was an initiative of the National Party and the councils of the Dutch Reformed Church in two neighbouring villages, Alexandria and Paterson. Legend has it that the councils could not agree which village should 'host’ the monument, so it was placed on this remote koppie overlooking the surrounding countryside, between the two villages.

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