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Meet the Stilbaai Eels

The quiet village of Stilbaai is the perfect holiday destination with long stretches of pristine beaches, water activities and an abundance of nature to relax in. It also offers a unique activity, the Palinggat Eels. Visitors are invited to come and meet the Eels living at the old historic de Jager Farmstead, home to the Palinggat Eels and now since 1992, the Tourism Bureau as well.

Four distinct species of freshwater eels are known in South Africa, two of which have been living at the Palinggat Homestead, in a pond fed by a natural fountain, for the past 125 years. These two species are the Long fin Eel and the Madagascar Mottled Eel. The environment at the Palinggat Fountain seems to be ideal for the eels. Nowhere else in the country are so many eels concentrated in one secluded environment where you will see the only tame eels in South Africa.

Normally these eels feed on crabs and tadpoles, their natural food in the pond however, once a day the Eels are fed chicken liver by the Stilbaai Tourism Staff, who cherish them dearly. The feeding is open to the public where visitors can watch these tame eels being fed or get really up close and feed them as well.

When it is not feeding time, one cannot see the eels easily, as they hide between the crevices of rocks. Make sure you are there just before 11h00, Monday to Saturday.

Things to see and do

  • Eels of Palinggat
  • Palinggat Fountain
  • Stilbaai Tourism Bureau
  • Historic De Jager Farmstead Building
  • Blombos Museum


Free to See

R10 per person to feed the Eels

Feeding at 11h00, Monday to Saturday & Public Holidays

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