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Carlisleshoek Waterfall is situated about 8 km outside Rhodes in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The very steep Carlisleshoek Pass (also spelt Carlisle's Hoek) takes travellers to Ben McDhui, the highest point in the Cape, 3001 meters above sea level. About two thirds up this pass there is a picturesque stopping point where the Carlisleshoek Waterfall can be viewed. The scenery is exquisite with, mountain views from anywhere you look, and more regular smaller waterfalls along the Bell River.

The waterfall viewing spot is the perfect place to stop and enjoy the placid mood of this section of the pass, and to catch your breath, before you begin the climb of more than 570 vertical meters up one of South Africa’s steepest mountain passes.

Things to do and see


No admission fee is charged

Open daily during daylight hours


Rhodes has rainfall in the summer months and can experience snowfall in the mountains during winter.

Summer months, November to March will have average temperatures of between 10˚C and 23˚C.

Winter months, May to August will have average temperatures of between -1˚C and 16˚C.


There are Domestic flights into Bloemfontein Airport and East London Airport on a daily basis. Car rental companies are available at both airports.

The road trip from Bloemfontein to Rhodes Village is approximately 361.2 km along the N6.

The road trip from East London to Rhodes Village is approximately 339.6 km along the N2.


Carlisle is a Scottish name and one of the farms up the Valley was named Carlisle’s Corner, which over time became the Afrikaans Carliseshoek. Later, adding the stream and pass to the name, the full name emerged as Carlisleshoekspruitpas, making it the second longest pass name in South Africa.

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