South Africa
plekke wat jy nooit sal vergeet nie
Candlepower 572 000 C.D.
Character of Light Four flashes every 30 seconds
Installation Date 02 December 1969
Range 24 sea miles
Structure 21 metre concrete tower, white with a red painted top 
Type of Light Revolving electric
Other features Triple mutual diesel / alternator sets & telemetry monitored

The South Head Lighthouse, as expected, is situated on the southern side of the entrance to Saldanha Bay. The Lighthouse stands on the property of the SA National Defence Force property and thus presents a problem with regards to access, both for the Technical Staff who are required to do maintenance and repairs and for the public. The Lighthouse therefore stands behind locked gates and is unfortunately not open to the public.

The installation took place at the same time as the North Head Lighthouse was being reconstructed in December 1939. During earlier years, the Donkergat Whaling Station was in full operation a short distance from where the lighthouse stands today.

The fully automatic South Head Lighthouse is unattended and monitored via a VHF telemetry system from Cape Columbine. The cost of the current concrete tower was R68 237.00.

The "twins", as the North and South Lighthouses used to be known because they used to look identical, serve an important function other than to guide ships between the two rocky points of the Bay, the straight imaginary line that joins the two lighthouses acts as an "arrival line". Once the ships have passed this line, they are said to have arrived in Saldanha Bay.


Unfortunately the South Head Lighthouse is not open to the Public.

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