Kuns Roete 67
Donkin Reserve to the Campanile

Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of public life!

Nelson Mandela Bay set up an Art Route in 2011 in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 67 years in public life. This is a walking route that starts at the  Campanile Memorial in Strand Street and the Donkin Reserve and wends its way through the Central Business District including Vuyisile Square with the City Hall and Library, through St Mary’s Terrace steps and on to the Great Flag in the Donkin Reserve.

Route 67 is unique in that it depicts the colonial history and heritage of the region as well as the more recent history of South Africa.

Route 67

First and foremost this route was created to celebrate the 67 years of Mandela’s public life and to instil a sense of pride in the city. Another aspect of the route was to show how public art can be used to bring people together. The art works consist of some of the older monuments of the city, art deco architecture and several open air artworks.

The route has user friendly way-finding markers that guide the visitor through the whole route although free guided tours are also available

Route 67 forms part of the greater Nelson Mandela Bay Arts Journey which includes a few Art Galleries and different locations such as the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Museum, the newly renovated Athenaeum Building, the Red Location Museum, Uitenhage Market Square and the artEC Art Gallery to name a few.


The walk was the brainchild of the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) and the renewal department of the municipality who implemented the physical aspect of the route.

Walk of Words

One of the displays consists of the restored paving tiles in Jetty Street that have words written on them gleaned from a panel of local personalities. The words such as Ubuntu, Integrity and Eerlikheid, (all with the same meaning in Zulu, English and Afrikaans) have been chosen and imbedded into the pavement tiles that form the Walk of Words.

Route Maps

Route 67 Maps are available from the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism office which is located at the lighthouse in the Donkin Reserve next to the stone pyramid. 

A selection of the 67 Art Works

  • Campanile Monument Frieze: sculpted through visual images set into a cast concrete curved beam.
  • Donkin Reserve’s Voting line Sculpture: Two dimensional life size sculpture of a line of voters with Nelson Mandela at the head.
  • Bus Station Mural: A mural depicting the plight of the traveller on public transport.
  • “76 Youth” at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Museum: depicting the spiritual journey endured by the people who fought against oppression
  • Fishbone Architectural Sculpture connecting Jetty Street to Vuyisile Mini Square leading pedestrians to trace a historical path between the city and the harbour.

Guided Tours

  • Single - R100.00 p/person
  • Two - Three, R90.00 p/person
  • Three - Five, R80.00 p/person
  • Five - Ten, R70.00 p/person
  • Community Groups, R1,200.00 per group of 30

As prices are always subject to change, please phone ahead and confirm.

Contact details

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