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Port St Johns is a popular place for tourists to visit and the Gap and Blowhole is without a doubt one of the attractions they come to see.

The Gap and Blowhole is a landmark phenomenon where water is forced into a narrow gully, the Gap, which ends in a natural chimney-like hole from which the water, at the incoming tide, shoots into the air for about 20 meters. The blowhole is at its best when the sea is rough so a warning to the adventurous and fearless, DO NOT look into the blowhole and do not even attempt to get too close, the water that rushes out of the rock is a sheer force of nature.

Half the adventure and enjoyment is getting there and simply watching the waves crash against the rocks. From the top, the views are magnificent, and if you’re lucky, you might even see a whale or a pod of dolphins. It can be quite an adrenalin rush climbing down the ladder and through the narrow Gap, a certain level of fitness will be required for the short hike and climb.

The beach nearby is also great for fishing, so you may want to spend a few days in the area to appreciate all the attractions and activities!

Things to see and do

  • Second Beach
  • Lookout Point
  • Blowhole
  • Fishing
  • Coastal Hike
  • Mthumbane Village


Free, only during daylight hours

Getting There

Visitors can take a walk along the coastal path, on the Northerly side of Second Beach, to the lookout point over the well-known rock formation called the Gap. Climb the ladder down into the Gap and up the other on the opposite side. From here you can walk down to the Blowhole.

Another option is take the road up through Mthumbane Township, between town and Second Beach. Turn right and drive to the end of the road. From here you can walk down to the Gap.

A guided tour of the Mthumbane Village and the Blowhole can be arranged through the Amapondo Backpackers Lodge.

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