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The Cape Hermes Lighthouse is situated on the Wild Coast in Port St Johns. Named after the HMS Hermes that surveyed the Pondoland coastal waters, it now warns passing ships of the rugged rock alcoves that line this bay of danger.

Candlepower 5 000 C.D.
Character of Light One flashes every 3 seconds
Installation Date 01 May 1903 / 16 October 1904
Range 13 sea miles
Structure 13 metre octagonal stone tower 
Type of Light Automatic electric
Other features Equipped with a radio beacon. Main supply with one standby diesel/alternator set

Standing atop a hillside bordered by a little wooden fence, the lighthouse sure has lots of character. It has uninterrupted ocean views and scenic mountain ranges divided by a beautiful river mouth that can be seen from 55 metres above sea level.

First built in 1903 it was nothing more than a ships mast head light hanging outside the signal station. The more permanent traditional lighthouse was built in 1904 and is what we see here today. The Wild Coast is strewn with wrecks and one in particular gained lots of interest as it is thought to have great treasure aboard it. She was wrecked a mere 43 km away from Port St Johns and in 1880 the first salvage was done by Captain Sidney Turner who dived into the sea with dynamite between his teeth to blow up the rocks.

This quaint and beautiful lighthouse is something any tourist shouldn’t miss out on! Park at First Beach and take a stroll up to the lighthouse to enjoy views of the bay, the town and The Gates.

Things to do and see

  • Lighthouse Viewing from outside
  • First Beach
  • Viewpoint for “The Gates”


There is no admission fee, viewing is permitted

Daylight hours only

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