Port Nolloth Beach (Grazia de Beer Beachfront)

The Port Nolloth beachfront has a neat and spacious layout and is home to the Port Nolloth Beach also known as the Grazia de Beer Beachfront. The beach was named after Grazia de Beer, a special lady who did wonders for the town over a period of 20 years before she passed away in 2007.

After marrying Coen de Beer, a diamond diver, they moved to Port Nolloth in the 1980’s. She ran a restaurant, established the Bedrock Lodge and opened the Port Nolloth Museum. She held a black belt in karate and started the Port Nolloth Dojo. Other than these impressive accomplishments, she was fearless in her convictions and brought up many cultural and environmental issues of the area. She put a stop to the slaughter of seals and began marketing Port Nolloth as a special place to visit.

The Beach is perfect for relaxing and is the towns most popular in terms of swimming, exploring and family fun. The small waves are ideal for stand-up paddle boarding and bodyboarding and the rock pools will keep the kids entertained as they search for marine life.

Most of the Port Nolloth beaches are also home to big reefs, which are perfect for avid divers wanting to explore the underwater areas.

Ideal for long lazy strolls, either on the white sand or the boardwalk which runs along the rocky stretch of coastline, or to just relax in the sun, Grazia de Beer Beach is the ideal spot for relaxation and a seaside escape - there are numerous beachfront holiday accommodation spots along the beachfront!

Things to see and do

  • Swimming
  • Rock Pools
  • Body Boarding
  • Paddling
  • Beach Games
  • Fishing, requires a permit
  • Crayfishing, requires a permit
  • Boardwalk


There is no admission fee charged, best during daylight hours

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