The Lookout Deck

Al fresco drinking and dining unmatched!


  • Birds
  • Butchers Grill
  • Combos
  • Drinks, hot & cold
  • Fish dishes
  • Italian favourites
  • Look Out Legends
  • Prawns & Mussels
  • Snack time
  • Soups
  • Summer Salads
  • Sweet Dreams


Chris Stroebel’s Plett restaurant, The Lookout Deck, was born from a combination of his family’s long-standing history etched deep in the hospitality industry and a love for the sea. That’s a promising combination for business and symbolic of the Plett way of life – where good food, family and friends are always on the mind. It’s the Plett way of life.

Plettenberg Bay in the early 1990’s was still a small, quiet town – where men lived closed to the sea, where fishing and holiday-making were major industries, and brave men with a penchant for the sun and sea could easily make a living in this coastal gem by the whims and wine of its waves.

Chris Stroebel was one such man. With a love for the sand between his toes, the ocean spray on his face and a desire to please family and friends, Chris reconstructed and old ice cream stand into an open-air beach shack with a kitchen and bar to feed and wet the beach trade. From its humble beginnings, this small shack has gradually been transformed over the years and has become famous for its great food, fine wine selection and relaxed ocean front vibe.

Today Chris and his wife Pippa remain at the helm – 21 years going strong, steering The Lookout Deck into the future with its long standing traditions and excellence. This is a place where memories are made, generation after generation. Many regulars have their favourite server, some have been there for close to 18 years. “There have been so many wonderful employees over the past 21 years who have shaped our ‘place of mind.’ They are, and will always be, family, devoted to the art of great food and fine wine. We pride ourselves in their knowledge, efficiency, and their good company. Their attentiveness and cordiality is legend,” says owner Chris.

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