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The historic town of Piketberg has a wonderful Historic Route for its visitors to follow with beautifully restored buildings to see and plenty of stories to be told.

In 1832 the Dutch settlers who were farming in the area decided to form a congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church and the Colonial Government gave the farm Grootfontein to the Church in 1835 for this purpose. The first thatched Church was built in 1936 on the same site where the present Church stands in the centre of the town. It is at this beautiful, neo-gothic design church that the Piketberg Historic Route begins.

The Route through historic Picketberg will take you past one of the first homes to have been in the town, back in 1844 as well as the first Hotel which opened its doors to the public in 1898 and is still open today with 11 rooms for rent. Another interested stop will be the first cinema in the area, known as the Bioscope back in 1920. Unfortunately the building was damaged in a fire some years ago, but went under extensive repairs and currently the Bio Cafѐ is open for fresh coffee and cake.

Some of the buildings along the route can only be viewed from the exterior, but others, by prior arrangement can be viewed inside as well. The Piketberg Museum, which is also on the list is open during certain operating hours.

Things to do and see

  • Dutch Reformed Church
  • No5 Church Street
  • Hotel on Church Street
  • 16 – 18 Main Street Katzeff House
  • Police Station
  • Sheriff’s Office (Balju)
  • Bioscope (Old Bio)
  • Piquet Hill & Coach House
  • Piketberg Museum
  • Old Synagogue
  • Mission Church
  • Historical Graveyard


This is a self-guided tour and there is only a nominal charge for the map and information from the Tourism Office.

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