South Africa
plekke wat jy nooit sal vergeet nie

“Siya Namkela Nonke” means Welcome

For over 1 500 years the Xhosa people have been living in South Africa and many still keep their traditions intact. South Africa’s most famous Xhosa person was Nelson Mandela. Ma Betty keeps the Xhosa tradition alive and pure and shares traditional activities, culture, storytelling, dance and food with any visitors to her Oudtshoorn Kraal hut.

Ma Betty’s Cultural Village is situated in the impoverished township of Bongulethu which translates to “our pride”. Transport can be arranged through the local Tourism Office for a tour of the Village. Resident Xhosa women will prepare authentic Xhosa meal in black iron pots over open fires. A lunch of steamed corn bread or samp and Xhosa sausage or lamb, beef, chicken or ostrich can be enjoyed by visitors. The meals have unique flavours and the recipes are authentic, passed down through generations.

Women and children put on a show of traditional dance as well as storytelling through songs played to an African beat. Visitors can also experience the traditional healing culture of the Xhosa people by spending some time with the “Sangoma” or “Witchdoctor” while he throws the bones and calls upon healing spirits.

Residents also create and make their own art and crafts at the village and these items are on sale to the visitors.

Things to do and see

  • Village Tours
  • Traditional Dances
  • Sangoma
  • Artwork
  • Crafts
  • Traditional Food & Drink
  • Transport to village, optional


Booking a minimum of 24 hours before is essential. Admission and tour fees are available on request at booking times. Please contact the Village directly to confirm pricing.


Summer months, November to March will have average temperatures of between 16˚C and 32˚C with high rainfall in March and October/November.

Winter months, May to August will have average temperatures of between 5˚C and 20˚C with the lowest rainfall in June and July.


Commercial Airlines offer flights into George Airport, 56 km away from Oudtshoorn. Car hire facilities are located at the Airports. 

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