South Africa
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The Magwa Waterfall is situated in the middle of the 1 800 hectare Magwa Tea Plantation, only 23 km from the small trading town of Lusikisiki and 62 km from Port St Johns.

The Magwa Tea Plantation is South Africa’s last remaining tea plantation just outside Lusikisiki and its waterfall is one of the few waterfalls on the rugged Wild Coast that is accessible. The curtain of water falls 144 metres and drops into a narrow canyon formed by seismic movement - a past sudden movement of the earth's crust along geologic faults, or volcanic activity. Even at low water levels, the trickle of white lace down the cliff face is a sight to behold – and at high water it defies imagination.

Although on a much smaller scale, obviously, the Magwa falls have been said to resemble the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

The turn-off to Magwa Falls is at the first, and only, major junction in the middle of the Magwa tea plantations - turn south and follow the road for 8 km until you get to the falls.  It’s impossible to miss. The waterfall is in a settlement area and the odd bit of plastic bag or polyethylene bottle lying around is unfortunate, but soon forgotten.

It is suggested that visitors chat to the local tourism office before heading out to check directions and any local activity near the waterfalls.

Things to do and see

  • Waterfall
  • Hiking Trail
  • Magwa Tea Plantation
  • Local Guided Tours


There is no charge to view the Waterfall

Only accessible during daylight hours

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