Old Armoury

The Old Armoury was erected during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 by the Newcastle Mounted Rifles on the advice of the British Authorities as they were concerned about a possible conflict wtih the Zulus.It was used as an arsenal where weapons were stored under very strong security.

Currently the building is used as a Shellhole, or gathering place, for the MOTHS (Memorable Order of Tin Hats) an organisation for ex-servicemen. 

The architectural design and gables are unusual and the original steels doors, imported from Britain, can still be seen. A Stuart or 'Honey' tank from the Second World War can be seen in front of the building. There is a firing platform with rifle turrets or loopholes for the protection of the troops who would man the Armoury.

One of the Armoury’s most famous visitors was Winston Churchill who, while held captive by the Boers, spent a night there on his way to Pretoria.

The Armoury houses a collection of militaria which can be viewed by prior arrangement with the MOTHs or contact Newcastle Tourism.

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