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lug jou kop uit die sand

The TV Mast Hill Fort, at an elevation of 371m, is located on the highest point of the prominent koppie to the east of the town, on which a number of electronic masts have been erected, and about 10m east of the main mast.  

Only scanty foundations 0.7m thick remain of this small circular structure, the only one of the forts found to have been circular on plan. It measures 5m in external diameter and the walls remain to a maximum hight of 0.6m. Abutting the south-west side there appears to be a straight stone wall face 2.2m in length, the purpose of which is unknown. The small size and unusual plan of this structure suggests that it may have been built as an ancillary lookout post to Knipes Fort, to command the roads to Barrydale and Touws River.

Research contributions :  Heinie Heydenrych, Mike Jones, Richard Tomlinson

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