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lug jou kop uit die sand

Die Noute Pass, not a well-known Pass, lies approximately 38 km, by the most direct route, from Modimolle. Bela Bela lies a little further away but quite within reach if you are looking a full day out.

Distance 1.1 km
Gradient average 1:30
Gradient maximum 1:14
Summit 1441 m
Surface Sand / Gravel

Die Noute translates directly into English as “The Narrows”, possibly named so as the Pass travels up the mountain through a narrow kloof. Idiomatically, in Afrikaans, the phrase “in die noute beland” loosely translates “needing to tighten your belt” which could also refer to hardship and trouble.

The Pass is a mere 1.1 Km long however, it should be viewed in conjunction with, and is normally driven in tandem with, Rankins Pass. It navigates through some dense bush and forest, briefly reminding us of the 7 passes between George and Knysna.

Die Noute Pass can be driven in either direction, just be careful of oncoming traffic on the blind corners in the S-bends. The Pass road shouldn’t be busy, but it is always wise to be cautious. Driving in a north westerly direction, the Pass climbs quiet sharply after the first 300m, with a drop off to the left. It continues thereafter with a few farms and game fencing along the way so there is opportunity to spot game along the way. The Pass ends at the Summit at the 1.1 km mark where an old building ruin can be seen.

Thing to do and see

  • Old Ruins
  • Possible Game Spotting
  • Rankins Pass
  • Ravine Bush & Forest


Free to Drive

Best during daylight hours

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