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The Milnerton Lighthouse is situated in the town of Milnerton, just North of the main city centre of Cape Town, an area that has fantastic beaches with beautiful post-card views of Table Mountain. 

Candlepower 800 000 C.D.
Character of Light Three flashes every 20 seconds
Installation Date 10 March 1960
Range 25 sea miles
Structure 21 metre cylindrical concrete tower, painted white 
Type of Light Revolving electric (unattened)
Other features Mains supply with one standby diesel/alternator set 

Milnerton Lighthouse is surrounded by parked cars, residential homes, palm trees and a lagoon. It stands at an impressive 21m in height and is as expected a typical cylindrical, white concrete tower. What is not so typical is that it is the only nautical guard that lies within metres of a golf course, lighting up the eighteenth hole of the popular Milnerton Golf Course.

Over 150 ships have wrecked themselves on this shore over the past 100 years which resulted in this lighthouse being built in 1960. It now stands in this busy town to protect seafarers travelling along this dangerous coastline that has claimed more ships than any other section of the South African coast.

Things to do and see

  • Lighthouse Viewing from outside
  • Milnerton Beach
  • Lagoon
  • Milnerton Golf Course, nearby


Viewing is permitted and there is no admission fee.

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