Kalaharo Desert Festival

Art, Cultural & Heritage Festival

The most northern part of the Northern Cape close to Botswana and Namibia is known as the Kalahari and the land of the Komani San community. Each year the community invites visitors to join them as they host the annual Kalahari Desert Festival.

The Festival celebrates the rich diversity of indigenous groups through the arts and the festival is a convergence of dramatic dance, music, drama and storytelling under the Kalahari’s towering red dunes. The Khomani act as your guide as they share their homeland, community and heritage with the festival’s patrons.

The events stretch over three days and three nights and after the warm welcome you will receive from the Kalahari people, we know you will want to stay longer!  Food and drink will be on offer throughout the festival as well as a craft market further expanding your knowledge into the Khomani peoples’ culture.

For a truly inspiring experience, book your tickets, choose the perfect accommodation in this picturesque part of the country and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Khalahari people – it promises to be spectacular and rejuvenating!

Activities & Facilities

  • Community Guides
  • Storytelling & Cultural Dancing
  • Food & Drink Stalls
  • International & Local Music Performances
  • Craft Stalls
  • Donkey Rides
  • San Guided Trails

Performances By

  • Jamali
  • Garth Taylor
  • Adams Emo
  • Vaughan Gardiner
  • DJ Scott
  • Klipwerf
  • Rymstoff


Dates : Friday, 23 September to Sunday, 25 September 2016

Times : Starting at 08h30 each day

Venue : Erin Farm, Askham, Northern Cape

Tickets : can be purchased online http://www.kdfest.com/#!tickets/hmthi

Prices  : International Citizen Adult R160 Children R110. SA Citizen Adult R20 Children R10.

                Your ticket is valid for the entire festival.

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