The Hound Country Pub & Bistro

For months since the final death throes of the Henley Arms, Henleyites had been speculating about the future of this fine property.

On 15 May 2015, during the splendid opening of The Hound Country Pub & Bistro, guests were invited to admire the new décor and particularly the drawings of soulful hounds, while nibbling on delicious canapés and sipping champagne. 

Multi-talented, part owner, chef and general maintenance man, Mark Gory, is also a raconteur of note. He and his business partner, Dominique Hafner, who owns the building whilst he owns the business, and his admin manager, Pauline Pitman, recently returned to Henley after some years in Nelspruit. JD de Villiers is the chef, but he is currently in the Cape so all production falls within Mark's ambit at present. Mark has 24 years experience in the hospitality industry from guest houses to luxury lodges, from catering to restaurants. 

I am glad to have our offering embraced by so many Henleyites and other tasteful souls.

Mark Gory

Since the opening many Henleyites and visitors to the town, have sampled the fare, some taking their dogs with, which are very welcome. How can a place called The Hound and owned by a dog lover, not be dog friendly?!


  • Breakfasts to get you going
  • Pizzas
  • Stray Dog Dining (Pub Grub)
  • A la Carte
    • Starters
    • Light Meals & Mains
    • Desserts
    • Drinks
    • Fine Whines

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