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The University of Mpumalanga opened its doors to students at the beginning of 2014 and its main campus is in Nelspruit (Mbombela). 

UMP has been formed with the merger of the Loweld College of Agriculture in Nelspruit, MRTT Hotel Acadamy in KaNyamazane and the Syabuswa Education Campus in Nkangagla, Mpumalanga.

The main campus, Mbombela Campus consists at present of 240 ha of well cared for land. It has facilities for practical training for the production, handling and processing of all the main Lowveld crops including training on farm implements and welding.

The Campus is close to the new Provincial Parliament and has views of Nelspruit which is the capital of Mpumalanga. This campus is also well situated near all amenities the town has to offer. 


  • Mbombela - formally theThe Lowveld College of Agriculture 
  • KaNyamazane - formally the MRTT Hotel Acadamy
  • Syabuswa - formally the Syabuswa Education Campus


Bachelor of Agriculture (Agricultural Extension & Rural Resource Management), B Agric (Agricultural Extension), 3 years full time course.


  • Computer centre
  • Administration building
  • Dining room and kitchen facilities
  • Lecture rooms
  • Library
  • Student accommodation
  • Centres for practical classes. 
  • Hydraulics laboratory


This campus has two residences for men and two for ladies.


Developing as an African university serving both our country and the continent, and of becoming a centre of knowledge, progress and academic achievement far beyond its region.

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