South Africa
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The Butterworth campus was formally known as the Eastern Cape Technikon and serves mainly the disadvantaged rural areas, but also has a delivery site at Ibika.

The Butterworth-Ibika campus lies about 5 km away from the relatively small town of Butterworth. The countryside surrounding this small town is very beautiful and it has a fair share of tourist attractions.

This university services mostly the food industry.


WSU Butterworth campus offers three faculties and this translates into 35 programmes of study that includes BA Technology Degrees :

  • Business Management Science & Law
  • Science Engineering & Technology
  • Education

Facilities & Services

A wide variety of student services are offered, including 

  • Academic 
  • Counselling
  • Health Services 
  • Leadership Development
  • Outreach Programmes 
  • Sport & Cultural Societies

Delivery sites:


  • Dip.Consumer Science
  • Dip.Building


Butterworth Campus offers residential accommodation and off-site accommodation at the other satellite campuses.  


1985: Established as an engineering campus of ECT (Eastern Cape Technikon)

1994: Received autonomy

 2004: This campus had over 9 000 students

2005: Merger between ECT, Border Technikon and the University of Transkei forming the Walter Sisulu University for Technology and Science, Eastern Cape, (WSU)  

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