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Mystery Hole

For an unforgettable fresh-water diving experience, you cannot find a better site that Wondergat or “Mystery Hole” as it is also known. It has become one of South Africa’s most popular inland dive sites, but also one of the country’s most dangerous!

Wondergat is a dolomite sinkhole in the North West Province, about 30km south of Mahikeng (Mafikeng). It is a dive destination for groups of advanced divers and a training site for dive instructors and technical divers. Thousands of years ago, Wondergat was a waterfilled cavern until the roof caved in and left a magnificent hole filled with water. In the early 70‘s the deepest point at this dive site was more than 70 meters and today it’s only 58 meters.

Some unique features are underwater Stromatolites. The walls of the caves are fascinating and filled with magnificent formations. This dive site may not offer many fish to look for, but keep an eye out for the Banded Tilapia endemic to Wondergat and which won’t be found at any other fresh water hole anywhere else in the world. Divers will also come across Sharptooth Catfish, Southern Mouthbrooder as well as freshwater shrimps and crabs.

Diving here is done along buoy lines on two grids, one north (38 metres) and one south (36 metres). The South grid is closer to the Memorial Stones and Taskforce board. There is also a white bell chamber at the bottom with a slogan on it. It is highly recommended to dive with torches, there is about five to ten meters of visibility depending on the amount of algae and the temperatures are usually between 14 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Things to See and Do

  • Cave Diving
  • White Bell Chamber
  • Memorial Stones & Taskforce Board
  • Full Diving Services & Supplies
  • Camping Facilities
  • Small Canteen


Advanced & Technical Divers only. Minimum Cave 1 diving qualification and it is advisable to dive with someone who knows the site

By Appointment Only

Price on request, please contact the Wondergat directly

Find Us

From Lichtenburg, on the Mafikeng road (R503); shortest road from Johannesburg, Klerksdorp, Vereeniging, Free State:

 About 47 km past Lichtenburg, turn right at the road sign ‘Buhrmansdrift’, just before you enter ‘Rooigrond’. After 7km turn right at the ‘Molopo-oog’ turnoff and after another 7km turn right at the TDA Wondergat sign.

From Zeerust, on the Mafikeng road (R49); shortest road from Pretoria, Rustenburg, Botswana, Namibia and the Northern Province.

ABout 15km before you reach Mafikeng, turn left at the ‘Rooigrond’ turn off. After 7km turn left at the second ‘Molopo-oog’ sign. (The first sign is a bad dirt road with lots of sharp turns). After taking the second turn off drive another 8km and turn right at the TDA Wondergat sign.

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