Sue Green Classical Guitar Lessons

Sue Green has been teaching the classical guitar for over 30 years. 

It is a difficult genre to learn and requires that the student learn to read music. It is more popular with adults as children today yearn more for instant gratification. To learn to play classical guitar with any degree of competency would require many years and hours of daily practice, but it is most rewarding. Exercises to improve technique are given as well as some theory but the main focus is on enjoying the playing.

Sue teaches from her home in Glenvista and lessons are generally given with her famous dogs, JOY Dogs, as listeners and critique's. Lessons last for 45 to 60 minutes and are given weekly. 

Once a month she hosts a student afternoon whereby the art of playing ensembles (playing together) is attempted and perfected. Much fun is had by all.
Annually a concert is given of these ensemble pieces together with individual performances in order for the students to obtain practice at performing in front of an audience.

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