Howick Falls

Known as kwaNogquaza, 'the place of the tall one’ by the Zulu nation, Howick Falls is a prime tourist attraction with spectacular dams, forests, hills, lakes and rivers. Just listening to the powerful Howick Falls fills one with a feeling of calm and peace.

Only 24km from Pietermaritzburg, in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Howick Falls tumbles in spectacular fashion into a turbulent pool believed to have mystical powers and to be inhabited by powerful ancestral spirits.

At the falls viewing site, visitors can enjoy the Umgeni River in its determined flow to the Indian Ocean.

To gain access to the bottom of the falls is fairly easy with an hour-long walk to the foaming pool and gorge where the tributaries of the main river generate a tempestuous whirlpool of water.

Abseiling the Falls

For those bravehearts out there why not walk over the edge and abseil down the second tallest waterfall in South Africa?

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