South Africa
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Just north of the little town of Alice, high in the mountains, is the tiny fairytale town of Hogsback and the only way to reach it is over the Hogsback Pass on the R345 between Alice and Cathcart. The town lies toward the top of the Pass. The other route to Cathcart is the more popular, and less taxing, R67, via Fort Beaufort and Seymour.

Distance 6.3 km
Gradient average 1:16
Gradient maximum 1:8
Summit 1199 m
Surface Tar

The Pass is a tarred road in fairly good condition, but the road has many places where the tar is deforming and there are some very deep potholes so it is necessary to drive with care. The speed limit along most of the Pass is 60 kph, a perfect speed to drive in order to appreciate the beauty and to drive the Pass safely!

There are no less than 33 bends, curves and corners crammed into this 6 km stretch, which makes overtaking difficult. If you end up behind a slow ruck or bus, it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the slow drive!

The climb into the Amatolas is steep and during winter, often under snow. Additionally, the Pass, and the town of Hogsback, is often shrouded in mist which adds to the mystery and fairytale atmosphere of the town and the Pass.

Thing to do and see

  • Scenic Auckland Forest Reserve
  • Amatole Mountains
  • Cape Vervet and Somango Monkeys Sightings
  • Photographic Opportunities


Free to Drive, best during daylight hours only

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