South Africa
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Camp Jabulani is situated just outside Hoedspruit in the Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Camp Jabulani in the Kapama Game Reserve, and so much to offer, but the most popular Reflective Activity is the Elephant Safari. There's nothing more exciting than to meet the herd at Jabulani for the first time. They size and presence will take your breath away, but after the first informative orientation, you will feel relaxed. Guest and elephants are combined according temperatment and so begins a breathtaking experience.

The elephants walking in a row behind one another, with Jabulani as the leader. Guests get a different perspective of the treetops, at the height of a giraffe, while high above the Bushveld sail past. The elephant takes around an hour, after which the elephants return to the camp.

The wonderful experience definitely need to 06h20 gathered at the camp gate early rise was guest.

Things to do and see:

  • Elephant Interactions & Safaris
  • guided Bosroetes
  • Game drives
  • Helicopter Safari
  • hot Lugballonritte
  • Gift Shop
  • luxury Accommodation


Elephant Safaris cost about R1 650 per person. Prices are subject to change, so please contact Camp Jabulani directly to confirm prices and availability of tours. It is important to discuss beforehand and all safaris start promptly at 06h30.

There are additional activities offered at the lodge, although some activities only available for guests overnight, please inquire about any other activities at the camp.


Summer months, October to March, temperatures can be expected between 16C to 31C, with the highest rainfall months of November and February.

Winter months, from May to August, temperatures between 8C, and make 24c.


Flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town can be booked at the Hoesdpruit Eastgate Airport . A car ride from Johannesburg will take approximately 5 hours.

Please note that it is a requirement that all guests fill out a Vrywarigsvorm, and guests long pants and closed shoes.

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