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The only Museum of its’ kind in South Africa, and one of only two in the world, the Elgin Apple Museum in Grabouw is worth a visit if you are travelling through the Overberg region.

Situated on the banks of the Palmiet River, the museum is housed in one of the oldest remaining buildings in the town, an old Shoemakers cottage which is apparently over 100 years old. Established in 1972, the purpose of this interesting museum is to reflect on the history of the apple industry. Visitors can follow the history of the pioneers of the industry, see the old agricultural tools that were used when Apple farming first started all the way through the electronic computerised methods in use today.

The museum is also home to a range of other interesting historical items from when it was the old Shoemakers cottage as well as the overnight accommodation for Lady Anne Barnard.

During apple-picking season (January to May) the air is sweet with the smell of millions of apples and the packing houses are the scene of great activity. Tours to the packing houses at this time can be arranged.

Things to see and do

  • Past & Present Agricultural Tools
  • Photographs & Household Utensils
  • Farm Stalls
  • Homemade & Craft Products on Sale
  • Restaurant


A nominal entrance fee is charged, please confirm directly with the Museum

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