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The historic Seven Passes Road between George and Knysna includes, as the name implies, seven incredible Passes which includes the Kaaimansgat Pass. The road was built by Thomas Bain and his brother-in-law Adam de Smit - Bains started on the Knysna end, whilst de Smidt tackled the George side of things.

Distance 2.8 km
Gradient average 1:29
Gradient maximum 1:6
Elevation Start 197m
Surface Tar

Kaaimansgat Pass lies closer to George, in fact it is the second Pass after Swartrivier Pass along the Seven Passes road. The road is old, narrow and the tarring is not in the best condition, but the road is suitable for most vehicles.

Historically this Pass was something of a nightmare for those with ox-wagons in the late 1800’s who had to cross the steep gorge and Kaaimans River. Today the Pass makes the crossing much easier however, and although the Pass is fairly short, it has many sharp corners and limited opportunities to stop and appreciate the indigenous forest scenery. The only safe place to stop as on either side of the bridge where there is limited parking for one or two vehicles.

The Kaaimansgat Pass twists and turns its way down to the area’s famous “black water” rivers. The bridge, originally a timber bridge with eight-foot sides that resembled a wooden box, was replaced in the early 1900’s with a concrete bridge, as were many of the other bridges on the passes, and later declared a national monument.

Keep a look out for mountain bikers who frequent this road and stick to the speed limit – it only takes about 10 minutes to drive this Pass.

Things to do and see

  • Swartrivier Pass
  • Kaaimansgat Bridge
  • Map of Africa View Point, nearby
  • Garden Route Dam
  • Garden Route Scenery
  • Seven Passes Route


Free to Drive

Best during daylight hours

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