Hunyani Snake City

Snake City or rather Hunyani Reptile Educational and Breeding Centre is located in Edenvale and invites you to learn all about the conservation of South African reptiles.

Snake City’s name, Hunyani, was chosen in order to remember and honour those who were killed in terrorism world-wide. On 3 September 1978 an unarmed civilian aircraft, a viscount named Hunyani, in flight from Kariba to Salisbury carrying men, woman and children was shot down by a gang of ZIPRA forces and the survivors of the crash were then executed by another gang of ZIPRA forces on the ground. All monies that have been raised by Hunyani is not only put back into reptile conservation, but is also used to bring comfort to victims of violent crime and acts of terror.

Hunyani focuses a lot on education and conservation of South African reptiles. They visit schools, provide party entertainment, corporate and school functions as well as private shows. Included in the deadly dozen on site at Hunyani Snake City are eyeball cobras, mambas, king snakes, anacondas, rattle snakes, pythons and crocodiles. Visitors can view live snake shows that will fascinate any reptile lover and the deadly dozen are always a highlight of these shows.

Visitors are also treated to some of South Africa’s most valuable snakes as well as five of the six largest snakes in the world. Many other reptiles and amphibians will also be available to view and don’t forget to visit the gift shop or leave a donation for a good cause on the way out!

Things to do and see

  • Self-guided tours
  • Photographing of You with a Snake
  • Snakes
  • Lizards & Frogs
  • School Tours
  • Corporate and Team Building Functions
  • Snake Club
  • Snake Parties
  • Presentations
  • South Africa’s Deadly Dozen
  • Snake Courses
  • 10 of the World Deadly 20
  • Snake Shop
  • 5 of the big six Snakes of the world


There is a nominal entrance fee of R20.

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