Immaculate Equestrian Academy Elite

Academy of Choice for Equestrians

The Immaculate Equestrian Academy (IEA) was established by Taneil Shani Arkner in 2008.

Based in the beautiful area of Golfview, Apple Orchards, Walkerville, the academy has gone from strength to strength. The horse riding lessons are an integral part of The IEA Elite programme. Taneil and fellow equestrians, who help with the horse riding lessons, are keen and eager to share their knowledge and love of horses.

“We are very excited about providing children with the opportunity to learn to ride and educate them in the peaceful environment of our academy. It is always captivating to see how quickly children fall in love with horses,” said Taneil. 

“Furthermore, our educators have a passion for helping children learn and will assist with the daily academic needs.”

What is equestrian studies?

Equestrian studies focuses on horses and horseback riding. Students learn about the care and feeding, breeding, and anatomy of horses; horseback riding and horse training; and running horse-related businesses, such as riding schools, stables, and stud farms.

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