Evita se Perron

“Skattie Darling”

Evita se Perron is an attraction like no other in the small town of Darling. Here visitors can be entertained by South Africa’s most famous white woman, Evita Bezuidenhout, Pieter-Dirk Uys’s alter ego.

It was in 1995 that Pierter-Dirk Uys apparently took a wrong turn on his way to McGregor and ended up in Darling. He fell in love with the town and its people almost immediately and bought what he describes as the “most beautiful wreck of a small house he had ever seen” on the same day. After six months of renovations, Darling became his new home. A conversation with Jochi Gremels led to a discussion of the old Darling Station which had closed in the 1970’s and was offered to him as a storeroom.  It was at this moment that he decided to revisit his long standing dream, of owning his own theatre and so the plans for Evita se Perron were born. The name was inspired by two legends, Argentina’s Evita Peron and our very own Evita Bezuidenhout and very fittingly, the Afrikaans word “perron” means “station platform”.

Evita se Perron is a cluster of buildings which includes two theatres where Tannie Evita, as she is most fondly known, serves traditional South African meals while she puts on a satirical show to delight her audiences who come from far and wide to enjoy her familiar political characters and scandalous family members from Nowell Fine and Bambi Kellermann to PW Botha and Nelson Mandela.  Bambi’s Berlin Bar is also a first not only for Darling, but the world – there is no other venue you will be served Evita Blanca, Evita Noir and Evita Amber wines.

If you miss the show, which would be sacrilege just by the way, you can always enjoy a meal, a coffee or just enjoy the unique Tannie’s Tuin and Boerassic Park. We know you will take a souvenir from the Bapetikosweti Duty Free Shop, it’s irresistible - come and enjoy yourselfie!!

Things to do and see

  • Afternoon & Evening Theatre Shows (weekends only)
  • Restaurant
  • Bambi’s Berlin Bar
  • Tannie Se Tuin
  • Boerassic Park
  • Arts & Craft Shop
  • Kiddies Play Area


Please contact the Theatre directly for show times and bookings

All welcome anytime for a “kuier & koffie”

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