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The Hildebrand Anglo-Boer Monument can be found on the Kraalbosdam Farm approximately 6 km north of the quaint town of Darling. The Monument and grave site reminds one of the heroic efforts of the Boer War Forces to liberate the Cape Colony of British rule and is currently being maintained by the Dutch Reformed Church of Darling.

C.P. Hildebrand was appointed Field Cornet of the Boer Forces of the Maritz Commando in 1901 and was ordered to conduct raids to the south, in the direction of Darling. On 10 December 1901 Hildebrands’ troops moved toward Darling, occupying it the following day. Darling was the most southerly village that a Boer Commando ever penetrated during the Anglo-Boer War (1899 – 1902)

Hildebrand arrived for supplies and horses on the 12th November 1901, but British reinforcements, 500 men strong, arrived the same day and forced Hildebrand and his forces to withdraw 6 km north again. During the battle that took place on Mr Loedolff’s land Hildebrand was mortally wounded. His body was hidden by his men and only found a day later by a Shepard working on the farm who wrapped Hildebrand’s body in blankets and buried it in the same place.

 A few months later, his body was disinterred and Hildebrand was given a dignified burial with a white marble headstone. It was in 1937 that the decision was taken to erect a monument on the site and the Hildebrand Anglo-Boer War Monument was consecrated on 16 December 1940. The marble headstone was incorporated into the needle of the Monument.

Things to see

  • Hildebrand Anglo-Boer War Memorial & Grave Site
  • Original White Marble Gravestone
  • Dutch Inscription written by the “Afrikaans Friends”


No Admission Fee is charged to visit the Monument

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