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The historic mining town of Cullinan, about 30 km east of Pretoria, transports visitors back to Gauteng’s early mining days. The McHardy House Museum was the first building to be erected in the town back in 1903.

The Museum was built as the home for William McHardy, then the General Manager of the Cullinan Diamond Mine. William, his wife Evaline and their seven children, four sons and three daughters, first lived in a tent on the stand while the house was still being built, before moving into what would be their new family home.

It was only a short time after that one of the sons died in a tragic accident and it was believed that General McHardy himself died thereafter, from a broken heart, in 1913. Two of his spinster daughters, May and Evaline, remained in the house until they both passed, within a few days of each other, in 1984 at ages 94 and 98 respectively.

The Premier Diamond Mine purchased the contents of the house from the McHardy estate shortly thereafter and turned the house into a museum which is run today by the Heritage Society. The house has been kept in its original state as has many of the pieces of furniture and old photographs. All of the guides are members of the Cullinan Heritage Society and will ensure that you hear many interesting stories of the lives of the McHardy family on your tour.

Things to see and do

  • Guided Tours
  • Edwardian Styled Home
  • Photographs & Furniture
  • Mining Memorabilia
  • McHardy Home Gardens


A nominal entrance fee is charged, please confirm directly with the Museum

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