Colesberg Garden of Remembrance

Colesberg during the Anglo-Boer War

Colesberg served as the southern front from November 1899 to March 1900.

Over 1100 Boer and British troops took part in the actions along a 60 km front around Colesberg. Most of the battle sites and camp sites from this period can still be seen in the district as well as the graves of the fallen, memorials, fortifications, and the remains of the British Camp site of the years 1900 - 1902.

Battle sites include:

  • Plateau Camp
  • Grenadier Guard Rock
  • Suffolk Hill
  • Worcester Hill
  • New Zealand Hill
  • Austrailian Hill, as well as the gun sites on the top of Coleskop.

There is also a concentration camp at Norval's Pont, and the Block House and Church Museum at Noupoort.

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