South Africa
skoonheid jy sal nooit vergeet nie

The main attraction of Boknes Beach is the excellent kite-surfing and fishing conditions and blissfully warm water for swimming. The area is named after the river, derived from the Khoekhoen word for “father’s river”.

There’s a lovely walk along the undeveloped beach to the Diaz Cross and the next coastal village, Bushman’s River, roughly 4 kilometres away.

A popular attraction is the tidal river which offers a wide range of holiday activities for young and old alike.

This remote beach at Boknes offers connoisseurs of solitude an opportunity to revel in isolation. Sculpted with sand hills and shallow sand valleys scalloped by easterly winds, this expansive beach has unprotected swimming in shallow water.

Having few facilities this beach is a lure for campers, experienced divers and hardcore surfers where extended, workable waves make for exceptional surfing when the south-westerlies come through, otherwise there is a tendency for them to close out.

Off the rocky headlands, fishing and snorkelling is popular and for divers it is a pure delight amongst the pristine reefs. 

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