We specialise in Electricity - Let us remove your shorts!

We have been successfully maintaining electrical systems in more than 6 schools, community halls and homes for the past 4 years. We would be happy to give testimonials from our customers. 

  • House Wiring 
  • cubing
  • connection of Distribution Boards (DB)
  • florescent lighting
  • daylight switches
  • plugs
  • switches 
  • We'll remove all the electrical shorts in your house
  • If you can't use your iron and stove at the same time call us now!

We respond 24/7 to all emergency requirements and will make sure that the electricity in every Room, Office or Apartment is working efficiently.

We also give a 90 days guarantee on repairs and new installations (parts and labour).

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 Siviwe Sithole

R61 Main Road
4800 Bizana
Eastern CapeSuid-Afrika
30° 51′ 35.154″ S, 29° 51′ 9.749″ E
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