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The Berg-en-dal Monument was erected in 1935 just outside the small town of Belfast, about a half hour drive from Dullstroom. The Monument was built in honour of those who fought and died in the Battle of Berg-en-dal, also known as the Battle of Belfast.

The Battle of Berg-en-dal lasted from 21 August to 27 August 1900 and was one of the biggest and most significant battles of the Anglo-Boer War. The 5 000 Boers were under the command of General Louis Botha and the 20 000 British forces were led by General Redvers Buller under the overall command of Lord Roberts. Several clashes ensued, but the battles climax came on the 27th August when only 74 men from the ZARPS (Zuid-Afrikaanse Republiek Politie), a special mounted police force, faced a full attack by 1 500 of the Rifle Brigade. Despite a tenacious defence the ZARPS, they were eventually defeated by the British forces. Sadly, not even this battle achieved peace and the war continued until 1902, resulting in the loss of many more lives.

The first memorial erected back in 1935 was for the twelve ZARPS who died in the battle on 27 August 1900. A second much larger memorial, in honour of all Boers, including the ZARPS, was unveiled in 1970 and the remains of those killed in the battle were re-interred under the monument at this time. Another smaller stone cairn was also erected in memory of the 25 Officers of the Rifel Brigade who too lost their lives in the battle.

Things to do and see

  • ZARPS Memorial
  • Boer & ZARPS Memorial
  • Rifle Brigade Memorial
  • Main Memorial Grounds


Free to View, best during daylight hours

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