Gudzani Dam Road

The S41 is a gravel road that runs along the Gudzani river, a tributary of the N'wanetsi River. This route follows the edge of the Lebombo Range close to Singita Lebombo and N'wanetsi Picnic Spot.

Further along the route is Gudzani Dam. The dam is favoured by waterbirds, such as Herons, Hamerkop, Fish Eagles and Kingfishers, because of the abundant fishlife in the rainy seasons.

Waterbuck is often seen and Timbavati White Lion pride also sometimes pay a visit.

At the Gudzani East waterhole you will find elephants, lions, zebra, wildebeest and giraffe.

The S41 is a favourite cross over for rhino poachers into the Kruger Park from the Mozambique border.

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