Albasini Road
Named after an important trader in the region, Joao Albasini,  the S3 or Albasini Road heads north from the H1-1 near Numbi Gate and passes the Mestel Dam which is usually surrounded by good game, mainly waterbuck.  Bushbuck can be spotted in the thicker vegetation.

The entire route runs through sourveld, making game-viewing a bit difficult.   

After you cross the S1 or Doispane Road, the vegetation changes to mixed thornveld interspersed with thick riverine vegetation which is characterised by jackalberries, leadwoods, and tall sycamore figs.

Game viewing improves dramatically once you reach the river on the S3 or Sabie River Road and you can be pleasingly rewarded with leopard, lion, kudu, rhino and elephant.   Smaller animals such as the dwarf mongoose can be easily missed if you are not observant.

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