Montagu Museum Art & Culture Centre (Montagu Museum)

The Montagu Museum Art and Culture Centre (MMACC) is one of three buildings that is the campus for the Montagu Museum and is part of the architectural heritage of Montagu; Long Street in particular. The KWV Buildings on the corner of Long and Kohler Streets are fine remaining examples of historical industrial architecture in a rural area and were acquired by the Museum in the 1990's. 

Art Gallery

The Montagu Museum reopened the Art Gallery in the KWV Building on Heritage Day, 24th September 2013 and the core of the centre is the Art Gallery exhibiting art by local, national and international artists.  The museum owns a collection of oil paintings and drawings by the famous South African artist Francois Krige who lived and worked in Montagu.  

The museum is well-known for its magnificent "Staircase Sculpture" by Willie Bester, a world-renowned native of Montagu, famous for his monumental salvage sculptures and installation. Willie's works are assembled from scraps and junk, often combined with oil paints and photographs. 

Gallery curator Jannie Uitlander and his team are hard at work and have been putting together some interesting exhibitions where Art (both local and from the Museum Collection), as well as some very interesting artefacts are on show. 

There are also some fine remaining examples of historical industrial architecture in a rural area on permanent exhibit in the courtyard at the back. 

Cultural affairs

As well as housing the Art Gallery, the MMACC is a hub for cultural affairs, events and celebrations; the Youth Arts Festival, Africa Day and musical evenings. The buildings also house local artists and craftsmen, who can now practice their art in a creative environment.

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