South Africa
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Stellenbosch University's Saldanha Campus can be found in the South African Military Academy on the west coast. This is where the members of the Department of Defence of this country are educated and is the source of tomorrow’s military leaders.

The facilities at this campus are ultra-modern and the residence facilities are top of the range quality.

The faculty liaises with the South African Defence Force to guide them in what is required for the countries defence force and is made up of 5 academic schools with two of them being focused on Africa related studies and security. 


An academic-military institution that provides world class military contextualised higher education through teaching and learning, research, community interaction and professional military development.


  • Patriotism
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Fortitude
  • Cohesiveness
  • Transparency


  • Excellence in core business.
  • Sustain relevance to the DoD&MV.
  • Closer interaction with national partners.
  • Top international academic stature.
  • Project military education to Africa and beyond.
  • Aggressive and focussed projection of the Military Academy.
  • Value and reward high performance.
  •  Holistic approach to people management.
  • Focussed attention to transformation.


  • School for Security and Africa Studies
  • School for Defence Organisation and Resource Management
  • School for Human Resource Development 
  • School of Science and Technology
  • School for Geo-spatial Studies and Information Systems


  • 1957: The Academy of Military Science was moved to the Saldanha Campus
  • 1961: Faculty of Military Science became a faculty of Stellenbosch University
  • 1978: First intake of a woman and of coloured student
  • 2001: Appointment of the first black commanding officer.
  • 2007: Appointment of first black female Dean

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