Café Fino

Created to bring the aromatic world of coffee to light!

Cafe Fino, situated in the heart of the Johannesburg Zoo, is a contemporary coffee shop franchise created to bring the aromatic world of coffee to life whilst serving affordable scrumptious meals to suit any occasion and palette, from mouth watering sandwiches to pizzas and salads. 

Escape from the hot midday sun, sit under the shady trees with a delicious smoothie and watch the apes watching you. The intrinsic, stylish and fashionable atmosphere allows you to relax, chill out and connect with nature.

We also cater for corporate functions, large school groups, events and picnics and we will organise your corporate events, parties and conferences. 

Come and enjoy a light meal or delicious cup of coffee at Café Fino!


In May 2006 the Headline Group succesfully established and opened Café Fino at the Johannesburg Zoo giving families a place to cool off in the warm summer months or to enjoy a hot cup of chocolate in the chilly Joburg winter.

Café Fino is a branded coffee shop franchise created to bring the world of coffee to life in a stylish and sophisticated, yet simplistic manner. The brand was created and is owned by Fournews Developments, who in addition also own the very popular News Cafe® brand. 

Café Fino is to provide their customers with a social yet sophisticated meeting place with professional, personalized service and great meals.


Monday to Friday, 08h30 to 16h30

Saturday and Sunday, 08h30 to 17h00

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